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Welcome to fibr

We serve the people of fitness so they may serve more people so TOGETHER we can save the world through fitness.

Fit Pros

For Fitness Professionals

Expand your earnings, presence, education, network and career with the fibr app.


For Employers

Build, develop, and hire a winning team of employees to drive business growth.

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For Businesses

Grow in all areas of your business by learning from the best in the industry.


Supercharge your fitness career with the fibr app and fibrPRO, elevating your earnings, presence, exposure, education and personal brand.



For Fitness Professionals

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For Employers

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Need staff? Harness the power of fibr's top-notch recruiting services to assemble an unstoppable team, propelling your business growth to new heights.

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Elevate your business with our expert consulting services because the way to become the best is to learn from the best.

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For Businesses

We work with the best in the business:


Because we are an integral part of over 1500 health, fitness and sport facilities, we are inundated with calls from owners and operators asking us for help locating qualified trainers and other staff. Finally, there is a solution dedicated to our industry, fibr. fibr can rapidly match our business specific staffing needs to qualified people, fast-tracking and keeping our ranks full. This looks to be the perfect matchmaking App, and just as important, free up my days for my real job!

Neal Spruce

CEO, dotFIT Worldwide

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