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William Coker

President, Co-Founder of fibr

About William

William is a proud native of South Carolina. Prior to his career in the fitness industry, William served in the U.S. Navy as a U.S. Naval Aircrewman on active-duty for 10 years and in the Naval Reserves for an additional 3 years. During his 13 total years of military service, William logged over 1300 flight hours in support of Naval Operations throughout the world. 

During his final years of military service, William also began working as a part-time Personal Trainer with a national gym franchise. William transitioned from the military directly into his first role in fitness management. By combining his leadership, discipline, organizational, and managerial skills he acquired in the military with his passion for physical fitness, William excelled immediately within the fitness industry. Prior to his appointment as President & Co-Founder at FIBR, William served in high-level leadership roles across 6 different large health club brands over 24 years. During his over two decades in the gyms, William successfully led Clubs, Districts, Regions and entire brands in the areas of personal training, nutrition, nutritional supplementation, education and recruiting. 

Giving back to the military veteran community has also been a passion and focus throughout William’s fitness career. Through great partnerships with other successful military veterans in the fitness industry, William has pioneered the launch of education and fitness career placement programs for active-duty military personnel who are transitioning to civilian life. With FIBR, William and his veteran partners plan to bring these military programs to the entire fitness industry through the FIBRWarriors programs. 


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