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Increase Your Earnings As A Fitness Professional

What is fibrPRO?

Get the recognition and rewards you deserve with fibrPRO. Add your friends, followers and clients to your team, give them exclusive discounts on any product in the fibrSHOP, and receive earnings on every purchase they make. With FibrPRO, you can turn your passion for healthy living into real-life compensation. 

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Benefits of fibrPRO

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Get a personal discount of up to 40% off the entire fibrSHOP!

Who doesn't love discounts? Save big on all products in the fibrSHOP when you sign up as a professional!

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Add members to your team and reward them with discounts

Share the fibr app with your friends and followers, invite them to join your team, and reward them with discounts!

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Receive up to 30% commission on purchases made from team members 

You heard that right - The bigger your team, the more potential for earnings!

Placement in the trainer discovery section

Amplify your presence, recognition, and credibility by showcasing your expertise in the exclusive fibr trainer discovery section!

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Grow your personal brand

Unlock the path to success as a fitness professional by harnessing fibr's power to amplify your personal brand.

FibrPRO badge on your profile

The exclusive fibrPRO badge awaits you as a symbol of credibility and recognition for future clients and employers.

Steps to become a fibrPRO:

Step 1

Get to Know Us

Download the fibr app and sign up for an account

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Step 2

Select "professional" during sign up process and complete the steps to finish your profile.

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