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fibrPRO Resources

fibrPRO Resources Page

Discover the ins and outs of the fibr platform and unlock its full potential by learning how to optimize your account, manage your team members and increase your earning potential by educating yourself on the products you are selling and receiving commission on.


How to add members to your team

Gain a detailed understanding of the process to support your members in setting up a Fibr account and how they can seamlessly become part of your team, step by step.


How to manage your team and provide discounts to your members​​

Understand the functionalities of your fibrPRO dashboard, including accepting team members, managing your team, and granting them access to exclusive discounts on all products in the fibrSHOP.


Track your earnings and understand the different commission levels

Navigate your commission history, understand how you will receive your earnings and see the different tiers of discounts and commissions, including your individual fibrPRO discount.

Now that you have access to all the tools needed to effectively navigate your fibrPRO dashboard, it's now the perfect opportunity to enhance your understanding of the products you'll be selling and generating commissions from. 

More brands coming to the fibrSHOP soon!

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Learn about Alln1 SuperBlend

Alln1 SuperBlend is a delicious drink that tested better than all competitors for taste and formulation.

This is achieved through a combination of ingredients that comprise two full servings of vegetables, 6 grams of fiber, a full day’s worth of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and more!

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Learn about dotFIT

The dotFIT mission is to help you and your family grow strong, play longer and live better with evidence-based nutrition, weight loss and fitness solutions. We offer fitness and nutrition solutions to help everyone- from athletes to children to adults looking to get back in shape. All dotFIT tools and nutrition products are science-based, safe and effective.

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