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The Future of Fitness Podcast -Cracking The Code of Talent Acquisition

In this episode, Eric Malzone engages in a compelling conversation with William Coker, diving into the future of the fitness industry and the groundbreaking launch of the "Fibr" app

fibr Appoints William Coker as New President, Spearheading Launch of fibrRECRUITING and fibrWARRIORS

The Revolutionary Platform Continues to Transform The Fitness Industry, Providing Solutions for Fitness Professionals and Employers

FIBR - Disrupting the Way Trainers Find Jobs in the Fitness Industry | Neal Spruce

Fibr is an app that connects aspiring trainers to an education program that can help jump start their career and connect them with facilities that are looking for trainers. Neal Spruce explains how this app can change thousands of careers

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